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Spotlight on Jacqui Jacoby, Illegal Exit & #Giveaway

This week's Spotlight on Author is on Jacqui Jacoby and her new book,  Illegal Exit. 

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Favorites: My Dead Men, My kitties -- I have four. A perfect cup of Earl Grey in the morning. A loaf bread that rises perfectly. Characters as they move from shadow to flesh and blood, whispering in my ear.

Fabulous: Eye make-up. I love eye make-up when they're on the counter and you see all those colors. It's like a big-girls box of 64 Crayons complete with a sharpener.

Frustrations: Hand dryers in public restrooms -- they are all out to get me. Sheets, untucked at the bottom of the bed. My pajamas -- I am *big* on pajamas -- when the tops don't match the bottoms.

The crime wasn’t in what Trevor Grant had done. It lay in what was done to him. Now, years after he lost his family, he faces life in prison for his part in removing the guilty. In Hannah Parker’s mind, she has two strikes against her: she has too much money and too many brains. In her experience where one of these might blacklist you, the two together was a life sentence.

When the chance comes to see the boys on trial, their cause becomes her cause. With the silent resources behind her, she will work the system, securing the release of the men she believes innocent of conscience, if not the crime.

Strangers coming from different backgrounds, Trevor with Gavin, will join Hannah. She will become part of their everyday living—holding Trevor close—even as they keep an escape plan in place in case anyone ever looks twice and asks “do you live around here?” 

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Illegal Exit by Jacqui Jacoby

Illegal Exit

by Jacqui Jacoby

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